Coronavirus Status Update at 15:45 Feb. 24, 2020 (GMT-7)

The newest updates from Voicebaidu:

This picture shows the results in China and the data as below:

Remain confirmed: 49856
Available suspected: 3434
Remain severe cases: 9915
Total Confirmed(include being cured): 77262
Cured: 24811
Died: 2595

The top three countries are:

  • Japan 840 cases( including the Diamond cruises cases): 71 new cases;
  • South Korea:833 cases, 277 new cases;
  • Italy: 157 cases, 78 new cases.

But now the top 3 rising countries are:

  • South Korea:277 new cases;
  • Italy: 78 new cases;
  • Japan: 71 new cases

Including Iran, South Korea, Italy, Japan looks like very serious.

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