Applesc Mini

(BPOM RI MD 867031023044)

CONTENT: 30 sachet x 2.5g = 75 gram
USAGE: mix with water, juice or coffee to drink
PRICE: USD 80.00/box

Stem cell technology is today’s answer to achieving sound health, longevity, youthfulness and beauty.DEVELOPED SINCE 2003  Engineered by scientists In 2003, scientists discovered a unique type of apple tree, secluded in a forest 3,797 meters above sea level in the Alps of Northern Switzerland. These apple trees possess unique and amazing properties. When the tree’s bark or the skin of unplucked apples are scratched, they miraculously healed by themselves. Additionally, if the apples are plucked, they are able to stay fresh for many months, unlike ordinary apples. These discoveries led Mibelle Biochemistry to the development of PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica which possess self-healing properties.


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  • Repair damaged cells
    • Exposure of the human body to the hazards of everyday life including air pollution, ultra-violet rays and the ingestion of unsuitable and hazardous food (coloring, preservatives, hormonal remnants, remains of agricultural chemicals and dangerous chemicals) have led to internal and external imbalance, accumulation of large amounts of free radicals and radiation which have eroded cell membranes, resulting in cell damage, inflammation and decline in the functions of the organs. Applesc is able to penetrate the human body and detect damaged cells before carrying out repairs to such damaged cells.
  • Activate dormant cells
    • 90%-95% of epidermal cells of the human body are dormant. A single epidermal cell is capable of splitting up into some 4 million active cells. Due to internal and external imbalance, these epidermal cells become dormant easily, resulting in slow metabolism. As a result, the skin loses elasticity and luster, and black spots, wrinkles, roughness and dryness develop. After Applesc enters the human body, they activate the dormant epidermal cells, and as a result, problems of the epidermis are improved, allowing you to enjoy healthier and more beautiful skin.
  • Regeneration of cells
    • Human stem cells are dormant under normal biological conditions, and it is only when they receive the proper signal that they will become active and carry out cell fission for renewal and repair purposes; replacing old and dead cells as well as repairing damaged tissues. Applesc become the ‘signal’ for the stem cells of the body to activate themselves. It promotes regeneration of cells, bringing you good health and tender, elastic skin.


Because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I haven’t had period for 10 months already, after I tried 5 sachet of Applesc, my period came finally.
– Dhea

My skin disease and allergies gradually improved after regularly taking Applesc, not only that, thanks to Applesc my menstrual cycle became regular, and Applesc also accelerated my recovery process when I was sick.
– Grace

Looked at the results of Applesc consumed by my parents-in-law, before the blood sugar was 238, after consumption of Applesc only 7 days, the blood sugar dropped by 67 points, now 171, THIS very helpful.
– Zen


ISO 22000 : 2005


Applesc Mini + Bio SC Mild

USD 150.00/set

With the three main function of the Applesc, it helps our cells to maintain healthy, and Bio SC Mild helps to improve brain and nerves functions, more focus.

Applesc Mini + Bio SC Fit

USD 215.00/set

With the three main function of the Applesc, it helps our cells to maintain healthy, and Bio SC Fit helps to control the intake of our body.



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